Difficult Access

Difficult Access

No speck of dust is out of reach from us.

The location, structure and layout of some facilities pose cleaning challenges. Without the correct equipment and training, areas which are difficult to access cannot be cleaned effectively nor safely. Newtek Cleaning specialises in difficult access projects because we don’t want to leave any inch of your business unclean.

Our difficult access services include:
  • High rise buildings
  • High ceilinged buildings
  • Narrow service areas

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We don’t believe access should impact the quality of our clean. That’s why we’ve invested in specialist equipment, training and safety gear to ensure our teams can deliver the best cleaning service possible, regardless of the location. If you’ve had problems with commercial cleaning companies unable to complete areas of your cleaning services, request a trial with Newtek Cleaning today.

Alongside our high quality service, safety is vital for Newtek Cleaning. All of our staff are comprehensively trained to use all of the equipment and products required to complete difficult access projects. They take care not only of their own safety but that of the general public including your staff and customers. We’re proud of our 100% safety record and hold all the necessary insurances and licenses to complete our work.

Our strength is our efficiency and attention to detail. We understand that our clients have high standards and require a professional, superior cleaning agency to deliver the best possible service. Newtek Cleaning commits to meeting all client demands, utilising advanced equipment and the correct chemicals to get the job done.

Our process is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Newtek Cleaning wants to unburden your task list. 

That’s why signing up with us is easy:


Contact us to discuss your property and the cleaning services required. We can provide a quote on a package specifically tailored to your needs.


Receive a site visit from one of our specialists to discuss your services in more detail and put together a recommended property cleaning plan.


Book in for your first appointment and schedule any ongoing work - But don’t worry, there are no contracts with Newtek Cleaning!

We’re so confident in our team’s attention to detail and we offer a 24-hour guarantee.

If you’re not satisfied with any element of our cleaning, we’ll come back and do it again, free of charge, within 24 hours.