Are you wondering exactly what a commercial cleaning service includes? We at Newtek Cleaning will build a customised service for each commercial client because we understand that every business is different. However, fundamentally commercial cleaning includes the professional, thorough cleaning of all commercial assets including offices, shop floors and other facilities.

Office Cleans

Did you know that staff are more productive in a clean, tidy office? A team of our experienced cleaners can get your offices back to their pristine condition after your staff have left for the night. This 24/7 service minimises disruption to your business and ensures a consistent clean environment.

Store Cleans

You may not notice if you walk into a ‘clean’ shop but you’ll certainly notice if you walk into a dirty one. People make split second decisions and form a firm impression within moments of stepping foot inside your store. Clean, fresh and ordered shops don’t always register with the day to day shopper but a dirty, smelly and disorganised space will. At the end of the trading day, all stores should not only be straightened up and shelves restocked but also cleaned. Any dirt and stains should be tackled immediately to make sure that your potential customers the following day are greeted with a perfect first impression.

Deep Cleans

Many large companies have their own cleaning staff who perform daily cleaning tasks. However, it is advisable to conduct a periodical ‘deep clean’ to tackle any stubborn dirt and take advantage of industrial strength cleaning and expertise. These don’t need to be daily or even weekly but, depending on your industry, we recommend booking in for regular ‘deep cleans’ from a commercial cleaning service who can ensure your assets are kept in pristine condition for as long as possible. Investing in a regular deep clean will save you time and money over time as well as ensuring your company always makes the right first impression.

Commercial Kitchens Cleans

Whether you are a restaurant, hotel or bar, if you’re serving food, you need to have a hygienic space in which to do this which complies with all health and safety standards. Beyond daily cleaning tasks, commercial kitchen cleaning services include an industry-specific deep clean which will guarantee your compliance with applicable regulations. Make sure you are always preparing food cleanly and safely with a commercial kitchen clean.

Window Cleaning

Commercial window cleaning is typically more complex than domestic window cleaning and requires its own skillset. For example, high rise buildings cannot be reached using ladders or even scaffolding so our specially trained window cleaners abseil down to perform this task. Booking in to have your windows cleaned once or twice a year with Newtek means you can tick this important but awkward task off your list and leave it in the hands of the experts.

With Newtek Cleaning, you can custom build your commercial cleaning package to suit your unique business needs. To find out more, contact Newtek today and discover our cleaning service range.