Carpets & Flooring

Carpets & Flooring

Sometimes, a domestic vacuum cleaner just isn’t enough.

A build-up of dirt and/or stains spoil the aesthetics of any carpet. From red wine to muddy footprints, some stains require the power of a commercial vacuum cleaner in the hands of an expert. Newtek Cleaning are proud to be Melbourne-based carpet and hard floor cleaning pros.

You may need Carpet and Flooring cleaning services for the following stains:
  • Wine
  • Ink
  • Mud and dirt
  • Tea and coffee
  • Pet stains

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Commercial vacuum machines are more powerful than traditional domestic ones and are able to reach deeply embedded dirt. Additionally, our cleaning crew have a wide range of products with which to treat specific, stubborn stains on any floor type. Our training ensures we use the correct product on each material to preserve its original colour and texture while also removing the stain.

Carpet cleaning is about more than removing visible stains. A clean carpet spells fresher, shines brighter and makes the room look smart, well-cared for and hygienic. We deliver this finish by completing each project with our carpet grooming service. After we’re done, you can walk on your good-as-new carpet straight away.

Carpet and flooring cleaning shouldn’t be considered a service which is only needed when there is a visible stain. A regular, professional cleaning will ensure your flooring lasts longer and looks and smells more pleasant for years to come. We recommend annual carpet and flooring cleaning services for all commercial spaces and bi-annual cleaning services for residential buildings.

We also provide end of lease carpet and flooring cleaning. Whether this is the responsibility of the tenant or the landlord, we work with whomever is responsible to revitalise all carpets at the end of a lease period.

In addition to carpets, our experts also turn their cleaning hands to rugs and general upholstery cleaning.

Our strength is our efficiency and attention to detail. We understand that our clients have high standards and require a professional, superior cleaning agency to deliver the best possible service. Newtek Cleaning commits to meeting all client demands, utilising advanced equipment and the correct chemicals to get the job done.

Our process is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Newtek Cleaning wants to unburden your task list. 

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Book in for your first appointment and schedule any ongoing work - But don’t worry, there are no contracts with Newtek Cleaning!

We’re so confident in our team’s attention to detail and we offer a 24-hour guarantee.

If you’re not satisfied with any element of our cleaning, we’ll come back and do it again, free of charge, within 24 hours.