Building & Industrial

Building & Industrial

We’ll apply our elbow grease to your industrial grease.

Some industries are dirtier than others. When it comes to building and industrial grime, commercial cleaning is necessary. From oil and grease to mud and sand, we can clean any areas affected by building and industrial dirt.

Building and industrial warehouse cleaning services can be provided in the following areas:
  • Warehouse cleaning
  • Factory cleaning
  • End of work clean-up
  • Agricultural cleaning
  • Machinery cleaning
  • Vehicle cleaning

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Stubborn dirt and stains can pose a challenge for domestic cleaning products. Keeping on top of the build-up of dirt associated with specific industries is vital to ensure your business continues to operate smoothly and be presentable. While some amount of dirt may be expected and accepted, periodical cleaning is strongly advised to prevent your assets reaching the point of no return.

Newtek Cleaning has experience working across a range of industries to provide cleaning services to industrial dirt which poses a challenge to many other cleaning service providers. We can clean your vehicles, facility or working area, no matter how stained or dirty they are.

Our strength is our efficiency and attention to detail. We understand that our clients have high standards and require a professional, superior cleaning agency to deliver the best possible service. Newtek Cleaning commits to meeting all client demands, utilising advanced equipment and the correct chemicals to get the job done.

Our process is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Newtek Cleaning wants to unburden your task list. 

That’s why signing up with us is easy:


Contact us to discuss your property and the cleaning services required. We can provide a quote on a package specifically tailored to your needs.


Receive a site visit from one of our specialists to discuss your services in more detail and put together a recommended property cleaning plan.


Book in for your first appointment and schedule any ongoing work - But don’t worry, there are no contracts with Newtek Cleaning!

We’re so confident in our team’s attention to detail and we offer a 24-hour guarantee.

If you’re not satisfied with any element of our cleaning, we’ll come back and do it again, free of charge, within 24 hours.