Office & Workplace Commercial Cleaning

Office & Workplace Commercial Cleaning

Our business is cleaning your business.
A pristine working environment is important for both your employees and customers or clients. Whether an office or a shop floor, cleanliness is vital to a professional, respectable workplace. But we know you don’t have time to perform cleaning tasks yourself. NewTek Cleaning will take complete responsibility for all office and workplace cleaning so you can focus your energy on running your business.

Office & Workplace Cleaning services can be provided in the following areas:

  • Offices
  • Shop fronts​
  • Warehouses​
  • Conference halls​
  • Hotels​
  • Restaurant front-of-house spaces​

Did you know people work better in a clean and tidy environment? Offices and commercial workplaces should be periodically cleaned to maximise staff efficiency and create a healthy, positive workspace. Businesses who maintain clean offices enjoy better staff recruitment and retention. In addition to your staff, a clean commercial space improves client retention. Make the right first impression to existing and new customers with a pristine commercial space from NewTek Cleaning.

Every business is different which is why we’ll create a customised cleaning and maintenance plan for you. In addition to scheduling our services at a time which is convenient, our team also complete a checklist of detailed tasks every time. NewTek Cleaning prides itself on being a trustworthy and reliable cleaning specialist, delivering perfect results day after day, week after week, month after month. If you’re looking for excellent results and value for money, we’re the cleaning agency for you.

Our strength is our efficiency and attention to detail. We understand that our clients have high standards and require a professional, superior cleaning agency to deliver the best possible service. NewTek Cleaning commits to meeting all client demands, utilising advanced equipment and the correct chemicals to get the job done.

If you’re not 100% happy with our services, contact our Client Care Representative.

They are available to discuss any requests as well as concerns.

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